Classical Acts and Facts Artists & Composers Set 2

Classical Acts and Facts Artists & Composers Set 2

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This 15-card set is first in a three-set artists and composers series that supplements the Classical Acts & Facts History Cards by adding fine arts to our timeline of world history.

Set 1 contains artists and composers studied in Cycle 1 of Foundations: Giotto, Ghiberti, Fra Angelico, Dürer, Michelangelo, El Greco, Bach, Handel, and Mozart, as well as other influential artists and composers from ancient times to the 18th century.

While you practice drawing different styles of art in Foundations, read these cards aloud to learn more about the artists and periods represented. Gain a chronological sense of art and music history. With younger students, practice putting these cards in order. With older students, use the cards to talk about how one style of art led to another. Perfect as a precursor to the Western Cultural History studied in Challenge II!

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