Classic Library: Jane Eyre & Wuthering Heights

Classic Library: Jane Eyre & Wuthering Heights

by Charlotte Bronte (Author), Emily Bronte (Author)
Hardcover, 656 pages
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Orphaned Jane Eyre endures an unhappy childhood, hated by her aunt and cousins and then sent to comfortless Lowood School. But life there improves and Jane stays on as a teacher, though she still longs for love and friendship. At Mr. Rochester's house, where she goes to work as a governess, she hopes she might have found them—until she learns the terrible secret of the attic.

Heathcliff, an orphan, is raised by Mr. Earnshaw as one of his own children. Hindley despises him, but wild Cathy becomes his constant companion, and he falls violently in love with her. When she will not marry him, Heathcliff's terrible vengeance ruins them all—but still his and Cathy's love will not die. . .

Collected in a single hardcover volume, illustrated with black and white and color plates by Monro Orr and Percy Tarrant. 

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