Civics and the Constitution - Teacher Guide

Civics and the Constitution - Teacher Guide

An American View of Law, Liberty, & Governmen

by Jake Macaulay, Ricki Pepin
Publisher: Master Books
153 pages
List Price: $29.99 Sale Price: $23.99

Take a fast-paced and issue-focused course on the U.S. Constitution in this one-semester course, complete with video lectures. Delve into the history, meaning, and daily functions of the U.S. Constitution in your life and your nation. From its original meaning to the controversies that arise from re-interpretations of it, you will understand how and why the Founding Fathers fashioned a document of God-given rights that have stood the test of time and political tinkering.

The teacher's guide is a vital resource for grading all assignments from the Civics and the Constitution course, which includes:

  • Worksheets for each chapter based on the student book and the related lecture series on DVD
  • Reviews for each chapter to help assess the student’s mastery of the essential materials

OVERVIEW: Ever watch the news and think that our government just isn’t working? In most cases, it simply isn’t working the way the U.S. Constitution meant for it to work. Even many who are elected to represent the citizens of the United States do not understand the power and clarity of the Constitution because they are mired in political party posturing. Nothing will change until the voters of this republic stand up and demand a return to the constitutional principles that helped make this nation become a beacon for personal liberty. Enjoy this empowering and insightful Civics course as you learn not only the various parts and powers of constitutional governance, but also the critical checks and balances meant to protect us all.

FEATURES: A course calendar is included that provides daily guidance, with optional reading and learning opportunities also included.

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