Church Mouse

Church Mouse

by Graham Oakley
Publisher: Kane Miller
Library Binding, 40 pages
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Living in the town church, Arthur has everything a mouse could wish for: a diet of candy the choir boys drop, a font full of water to swim and sail in, and even a reformed, peace-loving cat for a friend. There’s just one thing Arthur misses—other mice. Longing for the companionship of some of his own kind, he devises a plan to invite all the local mice to join him and his cat friend to live in the church.

Everything works according to Arthur’s plan. The mice move into the church, and get paid in cheese for helping the parson with cleaning. Things have never been better—until the cat drifts back into his old ways, and chases the mice all over the church during a service. The parson is forced to evict them, but is there a way to get the mice back in favor with the congregation?

This is a picture book. It's very funny and quite British. It's 40+ years old and still in print. This book is fantastic. (The sequels are worth finding too.)

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Summary: Very funny British picture book about Arthur, a church mouse, and his ploy to find more mouse friends.

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