Christopher Columbus: His Story and His Journals

Christopher Columbus: His Story and His Journals

Knowledge Keepers Home Library Series 1492
by Edward Everett Hale, Edward Gaylord Bourne
Publisher: Knowledge Keepers
Print-on-demand paperback, 590 pages
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BOOK ONE: The Life of Christopher Columbus From His Own Letters and Journals and Other Documents of His Time by EDWARD EVERETT HALE, originally published in 1892. It was in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ first voyage. It is exactly the kind of narrative perfect for readers: facts, straight from Columbus’ own writings, woven in an easy-to-follow narrative.

As a very necessary historic bonus, BOOK TWO is the Original narratives of Chrisopher Columbus, a part of the work Original Narratives of Early American History, Edited by Edward Gaylord Bourne, PH.D and published in 1906. This edition is incredibly annotated with 700 historical footnotes to clarify just about everything you can think of. Readers will be amazed and overjoyed at the tidbits of information included in these footnotes.

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