Christian Worldview and Apologetics

Christian Worldview and Apologetics

by Chris Schlect
Publisher: Logos School
Spiralbound, 160 pages
Price: $26.00

This syllabus for Logos School's 12th grade apologetics course has grown from a two-page handout to a 160 page textbook on not only apologetics, but worldview as well. It introduces secondary students to important concepts for which almost nothing has been written below an advanced college level. It discusses the biblical view of reality, knowledge, and ethics, and shows how a biblical view offers the only formidable alternative to the self-defeating philosophies of unbelief.

This text is not yet "published;" the author does not advertise the syllabus, and prints it only in short runs to meet demand. But he has hopes to someday publish it in a completed form. For now, it is sufficient for his use at Logos School, and he hopes it can be of help to you. Just don't expect a highly-polished, no-typos text complete with questions and answer key.

That said, this book will not teach your student worldview and apologetics without some interaction from you. The syllabus will be most useful if taught by one who is familiar with presuppositional apologetics.

The first section of the syllabus, Part One, reads like a textbook, introducing Christian thought and offering review questions (note that answers are NOT included). But the rest of the book is basically material you can draw from as you teach. Parts Two and Three offer a systematic introduction to the works of Dr. Cornelius Van Til. Part Four includes two debates: the first asks whether Jesus of Nazareth died and rose bodily from the grave; the second considers the soundness of the transcendental argument for God's existence. Finally, the book includes a series of appendices written or compiled by the author. Fascinating stuff! Don't jump into it lightly, and we think eleventh grade really is the youngest you should attempt it.

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