Christian Light Science -  LightUnit 303 Answer Key

Christian Light Science - LightUnit 303 Answer Key

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Science 300 explores various fundamentals of science. Each LightUnit can be completed in about three weeks and includes a self check for each section and a LightUnit test.

The ten themes, one per LightUnit, are as follows:

  • 301 You Grow and Change
  • 302 Plants
  • 303 Animals: Growth and Change
  • 304 You Are What You Eat
  • 305 Properties of Matter
  • 306 Sounds and You
  • 307 Times and Seasons
  • 308 Rocks and Their Changes
  • 309 Heat Energy
  • 310 Physical Changes

This course has 9 answer key books required for the course. The answer keys for 301-307 are duplicates of the student work with the answers filled in. The answer keys for 308-310 are in list format. 309 and 310 are bound in one book. No teacher’s guide is available; the reading level is simple enough for third graders to study on their own.

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