Christian Light Science - LightUnit 205

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The five LightUnits for Sunrise Science 200 are a study of animals and birds. Each LightUnit takes about seventeen days to complete, including two quizzes and a test.

The five themes, one per LightUnit, are as follows:

  1. God Gives Us Animals
  2. Animals and Their Habitats
  3. Mammals You Know
  4. Learning About Birds Birds and
  5. Bird Watching

Each lesson is on the child’s reading level and includes two to four pages of activities. In addition to the LightUnits, you will need a field guide for bird-watching for LightUnits 204 and 205. 

The Teacher’s Guide includes a reproduction of each LightUnit page with answers and ideas for capturing your child’s interest and providing hands-on activities to enrich the learning experience. Answer keys are optional if the Teacher's Guide is purchased.

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