Christian Light Math - LightUnit 610

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Math LightUnit 601 reviews concepts that should be adequately mastered in order to succeed in Level 600. It can be used as a diagnostic tool.

The remaining LightUnits introduce new skills and concepts in incremental, continuously reviewed steps. It teaches the metric system simultaneously with the U.S. system of measurement. This course assumes total mastery of the number facts in all four operations previous to Math 600.

After Math 601, speed drills stop. This grade covers three-digit divisors, decimal division, area and volume, using a compass and protractor, exponents, simplifying expressions, solving equations in two steps, estimation, and graphs and statistics. LightUnit themes in story problems and random nuggets of information are based on noted mathematicians in history.

The Teacher's Guides give teaching tips, extra practice, solutions, LightUnit answers, and alternate LightUnit tests. Answer keys are optional if the Teacher's Guides are purchased.

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