Christian Kids Explore Creation Science

Christian Kids Explore Creation Science

by Robert Ridlon
Publisher: Bright Ideas Press
Trade Paperback
Price: $39.95

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Creation science is the search for knowledge and truth about the origin of life on earth. Travel back in time to explore the earth when it was new. Discover when each of the animals was created, including the dinosaurs. Learn why there was a great flood that changed everything, and find out how some animals and people survived its destruction.

In exploring the foundations of creation science, students will also delve into the methods and problems of secular models while discussing topics such as the age of the earth, evolution, and intelligent design. Intended for grades 4-8, however activities are given which are suitable for younger students.


28 Lessons in 6 Units                                      

  • Hands-On Activities
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Book List
  • Coloring Pages
  • Unit Reviews
  • Scripture Tie-ins


CD Includes: 

  • Daily Lesson Plans 
  • All Reproducibles
  • Materials List
  • Bonus Literature Study Guide
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