Christian Homeschooling

Christian Homeschooling

Foundation and Practice

by Mark Beuligmann (Editor)
Trade Paperback, 122 pages
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Considering homeschooling or just beginning? Perhaps you've been teaching your children for years now. Here's a wealth of practical information, answers to your questions, and lots of encouragement! This all-inclusive guide discusses the basis for Christian education and how children learn. It also addresses "family" matters such as discipline, home worship, and time management.

Table of Contents:


    Part 1 - The Foundation of Christian Homeschooling
  • What is Christian Education?
  • Understanding Education
  • How Should a Child Be Trained?

    Part 2 - The Fundamentals of Christian Homeschooling
  • The Centrality of the Christian Home in Education
  • Parental Rights and Responsibilities
  • Worship in the Home
  • Discipline
  • Accountability and Structure
  • Helping Children Learn Better

    Part 3 - The Form Christian Homeschooling
  • The Character of Your Classroom
  • Teaching Several Children
  • Getting Everything Done
  • Using Textbooks Effectively
  • Teaching Art and Music at Home
  • Never Lose Faith in Your Child
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