Christian Book Bundles

Included in this section are discounted Christian book packages. If an individual author has at least three books in a series or someone has suggested a themed collection, we create a bundle that you can purchase at a discount, usually 10% off for three to five books, 15% off for more than that, and a very occassional special extra!

Please note that these prices are only guaranteed for books that are in stock (prices do change on us sometimes) and these discounted prices cannot be combined with other sales, discounts, or specials.

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Christian Book Bundles
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C. S. Lewis Ultimate Collection
by C. S. Lewis
for 3rd-Adult
in 20th & 21st Century Literature (Location: CLT-20C)
Canon Press Family Bundle
by Doug & Nancy Wilson
from Canon Press
for Adult
in Covenant Family (Location: C02-01C)
Institutes of Biblical Law set
by R. J. Rushdoony
from Ross House Books
for 11th-Adult
in Biblical Law (Location: C05-03A)
Marriage As Manifest Glory - CD set
Canon Press Audio Series
by Doug Wilson
from Canon Press
in Canon Audio (Location: C01-01B)
Mr. Pipes Series
by Doug Bond
from Christian Liberty Press
for 5th-8th grade
in History of Hymns (Location: C06-03F)