Christ the King Lord of History - Workbook w/Answer Key

Christ the King Lord of History - Workbook w/Answer Key

by Belinda T. Mooney
Publisher: Tan Books
Consumable Workbook, 192 pages
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Here is a fast paced, highly readable, and interesting Catholic world history. Christ the King, Lord of History clearly illustrates that Christ is the central figure in all of history.

Unabashedly proud of our brilliant Catholic heritage, Dr. Anne W. Carroll examines all historical developments from the point of view of the Church and the enhancement or decline of the influence of the Church upon the historical scene. Whereas most secular histories written today give but a grudging acknowledgment to the role of the Catholic Church in forming Western and therefore modern civilization, this book makes the role of Christ and the contribution of His Church unquestionable.

This workbook companion contains over 50 questions for each of the 30 chapters, including:

  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Multiple choice
  • True/False
  • Matching
  • Mini-Essay Questions

An answer key is perforated for easy removal. Students can write in the book, or pages can be cut out to use as tests. This workbook is perfect for home schooling, private study, Catholic or private schools, parochial schools, or anywhere a true history book is desired.

--Publisher's description

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