Christ of the Prophets

Christ of the Prophets

by O. Palmer Robertson
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Hardcover, 553 pages
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In this thorough introduction to the prophets of ancient Israel, O. Palmer Robertson captures the passion and purpose of their extraordinary writings. He writes, "A new covenant, a new Zion, a new temple, a new messiah, a new relation to the nations of the world—these were the expectations designed to create future hope for the people who would have to endure the trauma of deportation from their land."

After examining the origins of prophetism, the prophets' call, and their proclamation and application of law and covenant, Robertson devotes special attention to the biblical-theological significance of the exile and restoration. Viewing those experiences through the lens of several prophets, he draws our focus to the sufferings and glorious restoration of God's people in Christ.

The Christ of the Prophets serves as a sequel to The Christ of the Covenants, a work already regarded by many as a classic in the field of biblical theology.

The unparalleled outpouring of inspired literature through the prophets came at a period of history that invites comparisons to our own. Their proclamation to their contemporaries and predictions regarding Israel's exile, restoration, and coming Messiah have timeless applications. Students of biblical theology will especially appreciate Robertson's analysis of these prophecies, as well as his solid alternative to liberal and neo-orthodox interpretations today.

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