Chosen by God

Chosen by God

Knowing God's Perfect Plan for His Glory and His Children

by R. C. Sproul
Publisher: Tyndale House
Trade Paperback, 213 pages
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If God is truly God, He is sovereign
—over all things, over all decisions.
If God is truly God, then He chooses who
goes to heaven and those who don't.

Predestination, says the author, isn't just for Calvinists. It is for all biblical Christians. Predestination doesn't create a whimsical or spiteful picture of God, but paints the portrait of a loving God who provides redemption for radically corrupt humans.

There is mystery in God's ways, but not contradiction. Point by point, the author examines the Scriptures on predestination and refutes the naysayers.

We choose God because he has opened our eyes to see his beauty.

We love him because he first loved us.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Struggle [ Excerpt available in PDF format]
  2. Predestination and the Sovereignty of God
  3. Predestination and Free Will
  4. Adam's Fall and Mine
  5. Spiritual Death and Spiritual Life: Rebirth and Faith
  6. Foreknowledge and Predestination
  7. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble: Is Predestination?
  8. Can We Know That We Are Saved
  9. Questions and Objections Concerning Predestination
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Summary: Sproul shows how the doctrine of predestination, far from making God a bad guy, is essential to our assurance of salvation.

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  My Favorite R.C. Sproul
Willow White of Washougal, 8/19/2016
This is my favorite R.C. Sproul book because, I like how instead of trying to explain how predestination and free will work together he talks about God's sovereignty. He also discusses different views held by other popular theologians on this subject. The book's well written and easy to understand but also very thought provoking. I think that it is a good book for any one interested in theology. Or maybe it would interest some who are not.