The Visual Way to Organize Household Chores

by Jennifer Steward
Publisher: Steward Ship
2nd Edition, ©1994, ISBN: 9781568570020
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The time to get children involved in helping out around the house begins long before they are able to read. And even children who can read have been known to walk past their assigned chores without taking notice. Choreganizers help children of all ages (and Mom and Dad) remember which chores they have to do, and which chores are already done. And with the unique "Chore Store," children have a tangible goal to work toward and parents have a great way to say, "thanks for helping."

Choreganizers were developed by the Steward family with instructions and suggestions by Gregg and Sono Harris.

  • 6 Chore Cards
  • 60 Picture Cards
  • The Chore Store
  • Dad Dollars & Mom Money
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