Children's Illustrated Bible

Children's Illustrated Bible

by Selina Hastings, Eric Thomas (Illustrator)
Publisher: DK Publishing
Hardcover, 320 pages
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Because the emphasis is on facts, this book avoids any doctrinal emphasis, focusing instead on the cultures, places and people in the Bible. Each of the 148 stories features a two-page spread of pictures and text; the stories themselves are written in a style best suited for 1st-4th graders. There are no questions.Relevant Scripture passages are referenced throughout.

While this isn't a study Bible by any stretch, there is plenty of information to supplement a young student's understanding of the overall context of the Biblical narrative. Illustrations range from stylized to realistic to actual photographs of Bible lands, plants, animals, etc. There are even maps, diagrams, and timelines representing everything from Canaan to the line of the Patriarchs.

Most elementary students will already have been exposed to many of these stories (if not all of them), but the value of this story Bible is not as introduction but as background. A lot of what kids read in the Bible doesn't make a lot of sense by modern standards, and having key cultural and historical concerns explained will help immeasurably in their understanding of Scripture. This book was developed and written by a team of educators, scholars, and religious advisors to ensure a text that is both intriguing for kids and Biblically accurate.

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