Children's Champion

Children's Champion

George Muller

CF4Kids Trail Blazers
by Irene Howat
Mass market paperback, 165 pages
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If you were an orphan in the city of Bristol in the 1800s, then your life was hard!  But if you got a place in Ashley Down, one of George Müller’s children’s homes, the future was bright for you!  It was like living a big, happy family.  George Müller was such a kind man and he prayed constantly for the children.

But George Müller’s own home life didn’t have a promising start. He was selfish and totally untrustworthy.  Would you trust someone who not only stole money from his friends, but even from own parents? He did!  By the age of sixteen, he had learned to lie, steal, drink and gamble and his future looked bleak – but God had other plans for George!

After conversion, George Müller’s life became a vivid demonstration of faith in action. Praying in every penny of the costs and refusing at any time to ask for financial help from anyone but God, Müller supervised the building of three large orphanages housing thousands of children. He was more successful than anyone could have imagined.

Müller’s hard work for the cause of Christ and on behalf of orphans, his commitment to their care and his example of faith in action inspired his generation and will do the same today.

A gripping and astonishing story that will challenge young readers to really trust God as Müller did.


  1. Apprentice Thief
  2. From bad to worse
  3. New beginnings
  4. No pay, please
  5. Bristol’s street children
  6. Pennies from heaven
  7. Ashley Down
  8. No boxes big enough
  9. Home-goings
  10. Wedding bells
  11. 200,000 miles in seventeen years!
  12. Face to face with Jesus
  13. Thinking Further Topics
  14. My Prayer Diary
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