Children of the Storm

Children of the Storm

The Autobiography of Natasha Vins

by Natasha Vins
Trade Paperback, 135 pages
Price: $6.99

Historical Setting: Russia, 20th Century

Natasha's father is a leader in the underground church of the Soviet Union. When Georgi Vins is forced to spend time in hiding and in prison, Natasha looks to her beloved grandmother for spiritual guidance, but in her teens, Natasha reaches a personal crossroads. In a homeland that demands that she embrace communistic ideals and deny the existence of God, will she follow Christ into a life of poverty and hardship, or will she renounce her parents' Christ for the opportunities and open doors which higher education has to offer?

This is a true story of lives preserved in spite of brutal restrictions, family preserved through imprisonment and long separations, and faith preserved in the midst of hostile unbelief.

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