Chestry Oak

Chestry Oak

by Kate Seredy
Publisher: Purple House Press
Trade Paperback, 255 pages
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As he watches his homeland of Hungary being taken over and run by invaders from Nazi Germany, young Prince Michael of Chestry strives to retain his identity and integrity during one of the most dangerous seasons in human history. Michael carries an acorn all the way from his castle home in Chestry Valley to the warm soil of the Hudson Valley farm in the USA where he makes a new home after WWII.

It is difficult to decide which are the most unforgettable; the scenes in Hungary, Michael's proud, valiant father and his beloved Nana, or the friendly young GI and his family who take Michael to their hearts and make him their own. Perhaps the most compelling character of all is Midnight, the dancing black stallion, full of fire and beauty, and trained to perform before princes. Kate Seredy's drawings make this a book to treasure.

"A masterpiece of childhood literature" - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

"A beautifully told story of a boy who begins with a happy childhood, overcomes peril. and finishes strong. Chestry Oak is a book with all-too-rare and wonderful values that has been cherished for all generations." - Jane Claire Lambert, Author of Five in a Row

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