Indians of the Mountains

Sonia Bleeker's Tribes of the Americas
by Sonia Bleeker, Althea Karr (Illustrator)
©1953, Item: 22880
Hardcover, 159 pages
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"The book starts with a runner panting his way from his home village to challenge the chiefs of another to a ball game. There are several chapters on customs—marriage arrangements, nature rites, hunting, the function of shamans, and the ball game itself.

The great Sequoya set Cherokee down as a written language; the days of John Ross, the first president of the Cherokee Nation, saw the forming of their own constitution, but by mid-nineteenth century, there were battles for independence tragically lost and a forced migration to the west. We recommend this splendid series not to be overlooked as important steps to an inner understanding of Indian ways." — Virginia Kirkus.

—from the dust jacket

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