Chemistry - Lab Manual Teacher's Edition

Chemistry - Lab Manual Teacher's Edition

4th Edition, ©2015, Publisher Catalog #294165
Spiralbound, 184 pages
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See the BJU High School Science series description for a full review.

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The Chemistry Lab Manual thoroughly reinforces the material in the third edition Chemistry student text. One or more labs are available for each chapter. Students will gain skill in using all of the standard chemistry lab equipment. Each lab has goals, safety icons, and a prelab section to help prepare students to benefit from the experience. Catalog description for this item: This teacher''s edition contains overprinted answers to questions and shows the steps for calculations where necessary. Margin comments give tips for safety and efficiency. Alphabetical lists of chemicals and equipment are correlated with the labs where they are used. Lists of suppliers for scientific materials and local sources for common chemicals make this TE a valuable resource.

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