Chemistry for Accelerated Students - Digital Resources

Chemistry for Accelerated Students - Digital Resources

by John D. Mays
Publisher: Novare
Item: 83860
Hardcover, 512 pages
Price: $57.95

Chemistry for Accelerated Students is the latest release by Novare Science and Math. It is designed for honors students who are taking Algebra II simultaneously, which is 10th grade for most schools.

Employing the same standards of quality and philosophy of textbook design, this text approaches the subject of chemistry with the Novare principles of Mastery, Integration and Kingdom Perspective. Lucid and concise explanation are a trademark of Novare curriculum. This means that the student must read closely, because there is very little “fluff.” But the benefit of this approach is that our texts are smaller than the heavy tomes that students are used to. It also means that the student’s engagement with the narrator is more focused and enables more solid learning.

We believe that proper science education includes more than just the facts and observations of science. Real scientists also know the names and stories of the great scientists upon whose shoulders they stand. The key figures and discoveries in the history of science is included in the text and appears in the exercises and objectives list. The same goes for mathematics and technical communication. This is because, as we like to say, we want to “draw students upward into the adult world of scientific investigation.”

Finally, our books are written from the perspective that great Christian scientists of the past took. Observations about the beauty and order of the created world appear in appropriate places throughout the book. We present a Christian worldview by doing good science, using our minds to God’s glory, and fostering Christian stewardship and personal maturity in the text, not by artificially inserting Bible verses and devotional insets.

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