Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series Book 2

Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series Book 2

by Richele Baburina
Hardcover, 319 pages
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In Book 2, your student will solidify and learn the addition tables up to 10 + 10 and the multiplication tables up to 6 x 10. Addition and subtraction with three-digit numbers, including carrying and borrowing, will also be introduced with step-by-step, interactive lessons that encourage your child to work confidently with larger numbers, as well as with money.

For grade 2 you will need The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 2, and a Math Notebook for your child (3/4″ or 1/2″ grid recommended). Add the optional Book 2 Kit for a helpful collection of objects and Number Sentence Cards corresponding to the lessons.

Number Sentence Cards are a homeschool math teacher’s best friend. Each card contains a handful of equations. If you need to step away from the math lesson for a few minutes, hand your student a card or two. He will be able to continue the lesson smoothly on his own by working those equations—using the manipulatives if he needs to—and writing the answers on his personal whiteboard.

Charlotte Mason’s Approach to Elementary Arithmetic

Charlotte Mason’s beginning math lessons seem to be tailor made for an early elementary child.

Lessons are mainly oral and are carefully graduated, with your child answering small word problems within his understanding (no reading required). He works out the problems in a hands-on way using a variety of common, everyday objects. This straightforward but interesting teaching guides your child to make discoveries on his own.

A grid notebook is used as the student’s math notebook, in which he records the math concepts he has discovered. Writing is used sparingly, so the effort of handwriting does not overshadow the math concept being grasped.

Progression of the lessons is adjusted to the pace that fits your child best, so you can go slowly enough to build understanding and comfort in the math concepts but not so slowly that the child becomes bored.

Short, lively lessons reinforce a habit of concentrated attention while not overtaxing the child’s ability to sit still. Each day’s work goes no longer than 20 minutes, with 15 minutes focused on the newest math concept and the remaining 5 for review.

Book 2 Features

The lessons in The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 2, follow Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and methods for teaching math as outlined above. In Book 2 you will find

  • Day-by-day lessons, so you can guide your student with confidence;
  • Straightforward instructions, so you (or any other teacher) can open and go with no prep time;
  • An extra 50 pages of review containing hundreds of engaging bonus questions, so you can easily linger on any concept needed;
  • End-of-term exams that can be customized according to where your child is in the lessons;
  • Helpful teaching tips, so you can be sure you’re teaching math in a Charlotte Mason way;
  • Regular reminders to have a Number Sentence Card or two on hand, so the lesson can continue even if you need to step away for a moment;
  • A beautiful and durable hard cover that will stand up well to many years of enjoyable math lessons;
  • Cross-references to Charlotte Mason’s Living Math: A Guided Journey DVD set, so you can see the methods demonstrated and be prepared for upcoming lessons;
  • A full year of math for students in grade 2 or excellent review lessons for older students who need to solidify their grasp of the addition and multiplication tables;
  • A non-consumable resource that will make a wonderful addition to your home library and can be used with all of your children.

Book 2 is a beautiful addition to The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series and an exciting way to strengthen your relationship with your child as you continue to climb together in the mountainous land of mathematics, just as Charlotte Mason described it. And with lessons like these, you can be sure that every step taken will be on firm ground.

Arithmetic Concepts in Book 2

In The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 2, your child will gain a solid understanding of these arithmetic concepts.

  • The idea and operation of addition
  • The idea and operation of subtraction
  • Addition and subtraction tables up to 20 (10 + 10)
  • Addition and subtraction with money
  • Addition and subtraction in interesting story problems
  • Addition and subtraction with pure number
  • Longer sums with three or four sets of figures
  • Addition and subtraction of numbers within 1000
  • The idea and operation of multiplication
  • Simple multiplication to show the idea of “times”
  • The symbol “x”
  • Construction of multiplication tables up to 6 x 10
  • Mastery of multiplication tables up to 6 x 10
  • Multiplication by 10s, 100s, 1000s
  • The idea and operation of division
  • The symbol “÷”
  • Multiplication and division with money
  • Multiplication and division in interesting story problems
  • Multiplication with pure number
  • Short division with pure number
  • Numeration and Notation of numbers up to 1000

The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series

Book 1: Exploration of Numbers to 100
Book 2: The Four Rules and Tables; Work with Numbers to 1000
Book 3: Tables continued; Work with Numbers to 10,000; Weights & Measures
Book 4: Long Multiplication & Division/Weights & Measures
Book 5: Decimals; Fractions; Factors (coming soon)
Book 6: Decimals & Fractions (cont.); Percentages; Ratios; Proportions (coming soon)

Placing Your Student

Download the placement guide to determine where your child should begin.

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