Charles H. Hapgood

Charles H. Hapgood
American Charles H. Hapgood, born in 1904, was a dedicated proponent of the pole shift theory, which concerns the possible movements of the earth's crust and axis over millennia. A student of history, Hapgood obtained a master's in medieval and modern history from Harvard in 1932, and even ventured into a Ph.D. on the French Revolution. He worked in intelligence for the United States during the second World War, afterwards settling into a teaching career. While teaching, some of his student took an interest in lost continents such as Atlantis, an inquiry which led Hapgood into the study of polar shifts. Within little more than a decade, Hapgood had written three works on the subject: The Earth's Shifting Crust (1958), Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (1966), and The Path of the Pole (1970). Although this remains a debate in the world of science, Charles Hapgood put countless hours into research and writing for the sake of the fascinating concept of drifting continents and shifting plates. Hapgood died in 1982.
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