Charles Boardman Hawes

Charles Boardman Hawes was born in Clifton Spring, New York, on January 24, 1889. A writer by trade, Hawes also taught school and worked on staff for Youth's Companion, and journal. Since his teenage years, he had the reputation of being a warm, friendly young man and proponent of long walks. Hawes married Dorothea Cable in 1916, and they enjoyed raising two sons together. Sadly, their marriage lasted only seven years, for Hawes died at the early age of thirty-four. The year he died, in 1923, his children's book, The Black Frigate, posthumously received a Newberry Medal. Hawes did however have the opportunity to take a Newberry Honor Medal for his tale The Great Quest in 1922. He is remembered not only for his exciting stories, but also for his friendliness, love for his family, and passion for truth in everything he said.

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Dark Frigate
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Great Quest
by Charles Boardman Hawes
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for 5th-8th grade
1922 Newbery Honor Book
in Adventure Stories (Location: FIC-ADV)
by Charles Boardman Hawes
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for 5th-8th grade
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