Centerburg Tales

Centerburg Tales

More Adventures of Homer Price

by Robert McCloskey
Publisher: Puffin Books
©1979, Item: 83691
Library Rebind, 190 pages
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Centerburg would be like any other town if it weren't for the many delightful characters that inhabit it—Homer Price, Dulcy Dooner, Uncle Ulysses, the flustered sheriff, and the pompous judge. And that's why in Centerburg, along with the routine of small-town life, the most preposterous things keep happening.

A mad scientist grows ragweed taller than fire ladders, a jukebox gone wild sets a whole town dancing, and a slick salesman dupes the citizenry with "Ever So Much More So" magic elixir. But nothing fazes Homer Price! He solves these problems with a good supply of common sense—and ingenuity.

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