Celtic Tinwhistle in D

Celtic Tinwhistle in D

(Penny Whistle)

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Used whistles may be the Classical Conversations tin whistle, pictured below.

 The Tin Whistle is an actual orchestra instrument. Most tinwhistles are made from one conical piece of metal with a wood plug in the mouth end; they're easy to play with a pleasant, slightly breathy tone. They come in a variety of keys, but most commonly in C or D. It's a great instrument for beginners, but remains a favorite of many players.

There are a variety of Tinwhistle makers around, but the Clarke Company is the original, making them in England since 1843. It's a must for whistle enthusiasts because it is the closest we have to the old, traditional style of pennywhistle. They have a variety of models, but we have decided to carry their Sweetone whistle, an exceptionally good, but inexpensive whistle, tunable, with a smooth action and lovely tone.

Since kids don't always take care of their instruments, this is also one of the few quality instruments to have plastic fipple mouthpiece (nothing ruins a wooden fipple more than being blown soon after eating burgers or drinking coke). Designed by legendary whistle-maker Michael Copeland, this has a substantial, black plastic mouthpiece that is widely praised for its tone and playability.

The Celtic Tinwhistle is the "Sweetone" model with a Celtic themed paint job and packaged in a nice presentation box. Like the Sweetone, the Celtic combines the classic conical Clarke body with a modern plastic mouthpiece designed by Michael Copeland, a respected maker of fine Irish whistles.

Although Tinwhistles are similar to recorders, recorders have larger holes which are difficult for smaller fingers & the fingering may be different. Classical Conversations Foundations tutors use this in their classes, and if you are purchasing one for that purpose, they suggest that you do not substitute a recorder.

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