A Catwings Tale Book 1
by Ursula K. Le Guin
Publisher: Atheneum
Perfectbound, 40 pages
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Mrs. Jane Tabby cannot explain why her four children, James, Harriet, Thelma, and Roger, were born with wings. She’s a normal alley cat, and so was her husband. But each of her children sport beautiful furry wings, and soon the four of them are flying all over the place. But life in the alley is hard, even for flying cats, and the time comes for the four Catwings to make their way in the world. Saddened to leave their mother but delighted at the adventure, the four Catwings set off, making for a distant green forest.

Though life in the forest is pleasant and quite different from the alley, it has its difficulties. The four Catwings learn to hunt food for themselves, endure rain and wind, and even have to fend off a hungry screech owl. They make a big impression on the other animals in general, wreaking havoc especially among the birds. But the biggest impression they make is on the two children on a nearby farm. These children, contrary to what the Catwings had always heard of humans, are kind and thoughtful. And assured of their kindness, the Catwings eagerly settle down to this wonderful new life.

This is a charming tale, not only perfect for beginning readers, but immensely delightful for everyone else.


Review by Hadley Payne (née Ayers)
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