Catwings Return

Catwings Return

A Catwings Tale Book 2
by Ursula K. Le Guin
Publisher: Atheneum
Perfectbound, 56 pages
List Price: $6.99 Sale Price: $5.94

Though their new life on the farm is wonderful, the four Catwings often think about their mother who they left behind in the alley, and they decide that it is time for a visit. But once Harriet and James reach the old alley, they are shocked to discover than the old alley is in the process of being destroyed. Everything has been reduced to rubble by a great crane. What’s worse, there is no sign of their mother anywhere.

In the middle of all the ruckus, the Catwings hear the cries of a kitten trapped in one of the buildings. Upon investigating, they find a tiny black kitten—with wings! The kitten is terribly frightened, and doesn’t seem to be able to speak. Nevertheless, Harriet and James rescue the kitten and continue to search for their mother.

The Catwings find their mother, who is now living in the house of a human. Sure enough, the black-winged kitten is their mother’s daughter, and their mother urges the Catwings to take her kitten back with them. Once they are back at the farm, the rest of the Catwings are delighted with the arrival of their little sister, as are the two children. Though she didn’t come with a name, the children give her the best name possible: Jane—just like the Catwing’s mother.

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