Cathie Stuart

Cathie Stuart

by Nora Tully MacAlvay
Publisher: Viking Press
1958 2nd Printing, ©1957, Item: 86207
Hardcover, 159 pages
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It was Fair time, and gypsy caravans were settling along the bank of the River Tweed across from the little Scottish town of Kelso. The four motherless Stuart girls who lived at Falcon Hall were forbidden to have anything to do with the tribe.

But ten-year-old Cathie was restless, from being always paired off with six-year-old Jean, the "baby" of the family. She longed to go off with Robbie and Joan, the older sisters, and share their secret adventures. One day she slipped out of the house with her sketching pad, intending to draw by the river and dream about long-ago happenings in the ruined castle nearby. And first thing she knew she had walked straight into a secret adventure of her own!

A chance meeting with David and Mirelli Faa, two delightful gypsy children, led to a visit to their caravan, to wonderful games of make-believe, and to the cementing of a firm friendship. Cathie's days were filled with delicious excitement-but uneasiness too.

Things were taken out of her hands, however, in a fashion both comical and dramatic that brought about a thoroughly satisfying conclusion. Interesting details of Scottish family and village life in the 1880s are deftly woven into the narrative, and the author's soft black-and-white drawings have both charm and authenticity.

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