Catherine Marshall

Catherine Marshall

A native of Johnson City, Tennessee, Marshall was born on September 27, 1914, to a Presbyterian pastor and his wife.  Raised in West Virginia, Marshall went on to graduate from Agnes Scott College in 1936 before marrying Peter Marshall and moving to Washington D.C.  A pastor as well, Peter ministered at a Presbyterian church and later worked as the appointed Chaplain of the U.S. Senate.  The couple brought Peter Jr. into the world and enjoyed their family time together.

However, Marshall was soon to suffer much during her lifetime.  At age 28 she contracted tuberculosis and took two years to recover.  A few years later, Peter died unexpectedly from a heart attack, and Marshall had to make her own way in the world with a nine-year-old son.  Not lacking fortitude or faith, Marshall turned to writing books and editing her late husband's sermons and prayers.  Her work earned her success, and she continued penning works after she remarried in 1959 to a longtime executive editor of Guideposts Magazine.  Though two grandchildren passed away in 1966 and in 1971, Marshall encouraged other people by her devotion to the Lord and her inspirational writings.

This author of over 20 books, including the popular Christy and a biography of her late husband A Man Called Peter, Marshall joined forces in 1974 with another couple to found Chosen Books Publishing Company in Virginia, in which capacity she served as treasurer.  On March 18, 1983, in Florida, Marshall passed away of heart failure at age 68.



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