The Story of Its Construction

by David Macaulay
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Trade Paperback, 80 pages
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Historical Setting: Middle Ages

This award-winning book recreates the building of a French Gothic cathedral, from the hewing down of half a forest to the placement of the last sheet of lead on the spire. Macaulay's black-and-white pen studies and diagrams are beautifully drawn and accompanied by brief, clear narrative. His changing perspectives powerfully convey the immensity of the undertaking.

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Ian Poch of Apple Valley, MN, 8/31/2016
My favorite part of this book is the illustrations, but the story of how cathedrals are built so carefully is so interesting. The church was struck by lightning and the citizens wanted to build the tallest,widest, biggest cathedral in the world. I hope someday I can visit one of the cathedrals.
Jace of Alabama, 6/14/2016
This was a really good book. I liked that the author labeled the tools that they used to build the cathedral. I am amazed at how they built the cathedral. I found it interesting that it took so long to build, I liked seeing the dates. I would recommend this book if you are interested in how things are built.
  Highly Recommended!
HappyHomemaker of Oregon, 5/17/2011
This book gave me renewed respect for everyone involved with building the cathedrals, from those who envisioned it, to the skilled workman who poured their lives into it, some if whom did not live long enough to see it finished! The drawings are amazing, and the author was kind enough to have enough comments so we know what's going on. This is a FUN book!