Catan Histories: Settlers of America

Catan Histories: Settlers of America

Trails to Rails

by Klaus Teuber
Publisher: Mayfair Games Inc.
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The 19th Century has arrived and America is heading west. Wagon trains of settlers seeking fresh lives and opportunities strike out to tame the wild land of the west. From the vast prairies they wrest fertile land for crops and grazing lands for their voracious cattle herds.

As more and more settlers head west, new cities pop up like mushrooms. Due to the distances between them, these new cities quickly come to rely on young railroads for the transport of vital goods. Trails become rails and create great wealth. Soon, a complex railroad network develops, and steam belching iron horses connect the thriving cities.

Experience the pioneer days of the Wild West! Send your settlers west to found cities and to develop the expanding railroad network. If you are the first to use your trains to deliver 8 goods to your opponents’ cities (or 10 goods in a 3-player game), you win the game and fulfill your manifest destiny as the era’s greatest pioneer.


  • 3-4 Players
  • Ages 12+
  • 90 Minutes

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  Good Twist on the Catan Game
Joseph F of OR, 4/2/2014
For me, this improves on the basic Catan game, fixing some of what I don't like and giving the game more direction.
The board is a huge map of the States. The players start on the East coast and have to push Westward. The player interaction is actually increased since players have to deliver goods (a new part of the game) to other players' cities. More strategy is possible here with at least as much of the player interaction that makes Catan fun. Good fun. And you can pretend you're learning something about American history and geography. ;)