Castles Stained Glass - Coloring Book

Castles Stained Glass - Coloring Book

by A. G. Smith
Publisher: Dover Publications
Coloring Book
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More than a fortress against invading armies, a castle also provided its inhabitants with shelter. Moreover, it was the center of feudal society-the place from which justice was administered and hospitality dispensed.

A. G. Smith focuses on this stronghold of gallant knights and royal figures in sixteen ready-to-color illustrations. Included are views of drawbridges, moats, towers, and spiral-shaped turrets; high walls patrolled by guards; dungeons, inner courtyards, gracious living quarters, and other architectural features.

To create glorious stained glass effects on each illustration, colorists simply apply their hues of choice with crayons, paints, or felt-tip pens and then place the finished picture in a window or near another source of bright light.

Original Dover (2003) publication. 16 full-page, black-and-white illustrations printed on translucent paper. 3 full-color illustrations on covers.

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