Castle with Many Rooms

Castle with Many Rooms

The Story of the Middle Ages

by Lorene Lambert
Trade Paperback, 289 pages
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What a marvelous place to visit—A Castle with Many Rooms!

Walk through a thousand years of living history with this captivating narrative of the Middle Ages. You and your children will watch empires rise and fall; meet kings both noble and dreadful, and craftsmen and artists who change the world; ponder the tragedy of sickness and war; and rejoice in the triumphs of freedom and forgiveness.

All of this is awaiting you in A Castle with Many Rooms: The Story of the Middle Ages!

Enjoy A Castle with Many Rooms as your main tour guide through the time period for your whole family. And of course, you can bring other great living books alongside and linger longer with any of the people and events along the way.

A Castle with Many Rooms tells the fascinating story of the Middle Ages from the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution. Cultures and events are interwoven from Europe to Africa, the Americas, Middle East, and Asia. Full-color vintage maps and a handy pronunciation guide are included.

Your entire family is sure to enjoy the time they spend in A Castle with Many Rooms: The Story of the Middle Ages!

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