Castle of Ladies

Castle of Ladies

by Constance Hieatt, Norman Laliberte (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 74 pages
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Sir Gawain's quest began with a misunderstanding, and the proud lady Maudisante, whom he had vowed to aid, scorned him as a greasy kitchen lad.  But her mockery did not daunt him, and Gawain rode off in search of the Sword of the Strange Scabbard, without which even his strength could not prevail against the power he must defeat.

Along the way he encountered many strange adventures—a tournament for which his prize was a golden ball, a chess game that led to a comic battle, and a castle full of wonders where three mysterious ladies dwelt.  At last, in a bleak desert land, he slew the dreaded basilisk and freed a captive maiden.  The quest that had begun at a royal banquet in Camelot ended there too, with a splendid wedding feast.

As The New York Times wrote of an earlier book, "Mrs. Hieatt has captured much magic here, and with a magic of her own has made a once-upon-a-time world come glowingly alive."  Norman Laliberté's heraldic illustrations perfectly match the flavor of this ancient tale.

—from the dust jacket

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