Cassio's Day

Cassio's Day

From Dawn to Dusk in a Brazilian Village

A Child's Day
by Maria de Fatima Campos Campos
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Reprint, ©2010, ISBN: 9781847800916
Trade Paperback, 32 pages
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Historical Setting: Brazil

Cassio spends much of his school day outside, and he especially likes learning to grow vegetables in the school garden. Cassio and his friend push each other home from school in Cassio's carrinho "barrow", stopping to buy their favourite sweets (doce-de-leite) on the way. When it comes to the evening meal, his mother always cooks extra, so that there will be enough if friends or family wish to call by.This book is part of the series A Child's Day, photographic information books concentrating on the daily lives and experiences of children in countries around the world, published in association with Oxfam.

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