Case for Covenant Communion

Case for Covenant Communion

by Gregg Strawbridge (Editor), Douglas Wilson (Foreword), 7 othersRobert S. Rayburn, Jeffrey J. Meyers, Tim Gallant, James B. Jordan, Ray R. Sutton, Rich Lusk, Peter J. Leithart
Publisher: Athanasius Press
Trade Paperback, 210 pages
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What is the status of our covenant children when it comes to the sacrament of the Lord's Supper? Are they to be treated the same as unbelievers and kept from the table until they can profess certain things about Christ or about the bread or the wine? Do they exist in something of a third category, somewhere between believer and unbeliever? Or do they belong at the Lord's table by right of their baptism? If covenant children belong to Christ, is there any good reason to functionally excommunicate them?

These questions and more are explored in The Case for Covenant Communion, a collection of works by Douglas Wilson, Gregg Strawbridge, Robert Rayburn, Jeffrey Meyers, Tim Gallant, James Jordan, Ray Sutton, Rich Lusk, Peter Leithart, Blake Purcell and Steve Wilkins.

Approaching the subject from biblical, theological, historical and pastoral perspectives, these essays will challenge readers to think about this subject in new ways and hopefully reconsider the common practices of the Church in this age.

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