Caribbean Mystery

Caribbean Mystery

A Miss Marple Mystery #9
by Agatha Christie
Trade Paperback, 240 pages
Price: $15.99
"Would you like to see a snapshot of a murderer?"

Recovering from some ill health, Miss Marple is sent on vacation to the island of St. Honore. But sitting, knitting, and listening to gossip bores the old detective, until she meets a man named Major Palgrave. He tells her some hair-raising stories including one about a murderer who had never been caught. He offers to show Miss Marple a picture but something—or someone—catches his eye and he breaks off, refusing to speak. The next morning he's found dead in his bed.

It's clear that there's a serial murderer on the island. But with the whole island full of suspicious vacationers, who could it be? Miss Marple isn't going to be bored after all. The peaceful Caribbean setting hides a murderer who has killed before, and will kill again.

This is one of the more suspenseful Agatha Christie novels. The deftly woven plot will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat as Miss Marple investigates as only she can.

Review by Lauren Shearer
Lauren Shearer writes words for fun and profit. She also makes films, but everyone knows you can't make a profit doing that. Her other hobby is consistently volunteering way too much of her time. You can read more of her reviews here.


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FLAWS: fighting/violence
Summary: Ms. Marple is on vacation in the Caribbean when an old army Major is found murdered after seeing someone he recognized from his past.

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