Careless Animal

Careless Animal

Nine Ecological Detective Stories

by Ada Graham, Frank Graham Jr.
Publisher: Doubleday & Company
Hardcover, 96 pages
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Science has the power to experiment at one place and to cause enormous changes in many other places. It's hard to know in advance whether the effects of a particular experiment will be helpful or harmful. Many of man's industrial and scientific innovations have had surprising effects on the world around him. In some cases, these effects have been pleasant. Unfortunately, many of the results have caused danger to come to man or to the creatures with which he shares this planet. And new problems are still being created because man has not yet learned from mistakes of the past.

Ada and Frank Graham investigate ecological problems all over the globe. They prove that all too often people forget that everything in this world is somehow connected in the great framework of nature and that man is truly THE CARELESS ANIMAL.

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