Captain, My Captain

Captain, My Captain

by Deborah Meroff
Trade Paperback, 213 pages
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Mary was young, spirited, ahead of her time, always in tension with the views of her conservative New England family.

Joshua was a clipper ship captain who came into her life with an air of mystery and adventure as alluring as the salt-sea winds.

Captain, My Captain is a romantic novel based on a true life account set in the days of the California gold rush and the New England shipping boom.

Mary Patten barely knew her husband Joshua before they set in a clipper race from New York to San Francisco around Cape Horn. Immediately the bonds of their new love were strained as Mary's flamboyant views on women's rights, her flair for the good life, and her insistence on helping to operate the Neptune's Car pitted her against Joshua and his quiet, more spiritual nature. It seemed their love would run aground.

And then Mary found herself struggling to save both Joshua's life and the ship. Against the forces of sea and gale, and against a crew who felt her presence aboard the ship was "bad luck," she wrestled valiantly, torn between her roles as surrogate captain and wife.

In this inspirational book, Mary and Joshua not only discover the secrets of enduring love, but encounter the one true Captain who alone could safely guide them.

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FLAWS: Fighting/violence, Sexual
Summary: Mary, impulsively married to a clipper ship captain, struggles with her lot and learns to love her husband before he falls ill during a voyage.

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