Captain Blood

Captain Blood

Penguin Classics
by Rafael Sabatini, Gary Hoppenstand (Introduction)
Publisher: Penguin Classics
Mass market paperback, 331 pages
Price: $16.00

The young physician Peter Blood, wrongly convicted of treason during the reign of King James II, is exiled from England and sold into slavery in Jamaica. He escapes and becomes a pirate. Later, he returns to England, joining the Royal Navy in its efforts against France.

The movie Captain Blood, filmed in 1935, was Errol Flynn's first swashbuckler, his first pairing with Olivia de Havilland and Basil Rathbone, and the film that made him a star.

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FLAWS: Violence and fighting, mild language
Summary: An Englishman ends up in slavery, escapes and becomes a pirate, and eventually ends up back in England to fight the growing French threat.

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  Captain Blood
Noah W. of Hillsboro, OR, 8/19/2016
Captain Blood is a gripping book. Rafael Sabatini has created a very bold, quick-witted, humorous main character. Peter Blood, doctor, is wrongly accused of treason and sent to labor as a slave in the Caribbean. With the help of a few other men, he escapes and becomes a pirate, eventually coming to aid England against the French. Though this book is sometimes confusing, due the unnecessarily lengthy words, this book is a good one.