Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

Whole Story Series
by Jack London, Philippe Munch (Illustrator)
Publisher: Viking Press
Flexiback, 126 pages
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This was a runaway bestseller in Jack London's time and remains one of the most exciting adventure stories ever written. This is the story of Buck, a dog abducted from his home and thrust into the merciless world of an Arctic north consumed by a quest for gold. To survive on the outer edges of civilization, Buck must endure many hardships, including bitter cold, the savagery of a life ruled by the laws of club and fang, and the lure of a strange and age-old call.

The Call of the Wild is more than great storytelling. With fascinating details of the Alaskan gold rush and the science of mining, as well as close-ups of animal behavior, it is also a remarkable snapshot of its time.

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Exodus Rating
Flaws: Violence
Summary: Buck is captured and sold to a sledge driver in the Yukon.

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