Calico Bush

Calico Bush

by Rachel Field, Allen Lewis (Illustrator)
Publisher: Macmillan
Second Printing, ©1966, Item: 87085
Library Binding, 201 pages
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Historical Setting: Maine, 1743

Left orphaned and alone in a strange country, thirteen-year-old Marguerite Ledoux has no choice but to become a servant girl. She promises her services to the Sargent family for six long years in return for food and shelter. But life as a "bound-out girl" is full of more hardship than Maggie ever could have imagined. Living with the family in an isolated part of northern Maine, Maggie struggles through the harsh, hungry winter of 1743, the constant threat of Indian attacks, and worst of all, the loneliness she suffers knowing that her own family is lost forever. Will the Sargent's house ever feel like home?

An exquisite classic about a young girl's strength and courage, this award-winning novel is sure to touch all who read it, as it has for decades.

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