C. Van der Waal

Born in 1919 in Ridderker, the Netherlands, van der Waal later studied at Theological University in Kampen. He pastored for nine years at several churches before moving to South Africa. Graduating from the University of Pretoria, van der Waal went on to become a biblical theologian and author. 

Dr. C. Van der Waal was the author of numerous works in the areas of ecumenism, exegesis, and church history, among them The Covenantal Gospel (about the unity of Old and New Testament), Hal Lindsey and Biblical Prophecy (about the Scriptural interpretation of biblical prophecy, especially of the Book of Revelation), and Search the Scriptures (a ten volume guide for Bible reading), and many more works. 

In 1980, van der Waal passed away in Pretoria.


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