C. T. Studd

C. T. Studd

No Retreat

Christian Heroes: Then & Now
by Geoff Benge, Janet Benge
Publisher: YWAM Publishing
Mass market paperback, 189 pages
Price: $9.99

Historical Setting: Africa, 1860-1931 A.D.

C. T. and his companion were lost in the African jungle. All the warnings others had given the two missionaries rushed into C. T.'s mind. He had the uneasy sensation of being watched. C. T. shivered as he stared into the dense foliage surrounding him. He was exposed on all sides, clearly visible to anything or anyone concealed in the jungle.

Endowed with rare determination and a wry sense of humor, C. T. Studd unceasingly pursued a life devoted to God. A star English cricket player in his youth, C. T. did nothing halfway. When challenged by near tragedy and the words of an atheist, the wealthy young man became a missionary of extreme devotion.

Serving in China, India, and finally Central Africa, C. T. Studd was the first missionary to reach numerous tribes deep in the Congo. Together with the mission he founded, Worldwide Evangelization Crusade, this man who refused to retreat opened a way for Africans to hear the gospel for years to come.

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