C. S. Lewis: The Ultimate Collection

C. S. Lewis: The Ultimate Collection

by C. S. Lewis
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Do you love losing yourself in a good book? Do you wish you had a giant stack in reserve for sick days, rainy days, snow days, quiet Spring days, long days, short days, and any other kind of day? Well, we have your medicine, and you won't even need a spoonful of sugar to take it.

That's because your medicine in this case is the (almost) complete works of C. S. Lewis, quite possibly the most entertaining and enlightening author of the last 100 years. You don't need us to introduce him. You might, however, need a brief description of exactly what you're about to drop half a thousand dollars on.

This Ultimate Collection does not represent everything C. S. Lewis ever wrote because there are a few titles no longer in print or easily available. His earliest stories of Animal-Land (published posthumously as Boxen) are not here; neither is the Arthurian Torso (another posthumous work that contains material by both Charles Williams and Lewis), nor a full collection of his letters. Some of his wartime BBC talks were compiled into books like Broadcast Talks, The Case for Christianity, Christian Behaviour, and Beyond Personality; parts of these were revised into Mere Christianity, but other parts simply went away. However, this set includes every title currently available that is not a mere compilation. Yes, you read that correctly: this is the complete in-print works of C. S. Lewis, available in one place for one very reasonable price. If you would like to get hardcover when available, please let us know and we can swap them into the collection.

Since we know you'll enjoy it, we won't burden you with instructions to do so. We will, however, suggest you not try to carry the entire set in your backpack, as alluring as that possibility is. Just enjoy these at a reasonable pace, and when you've turned the last page maybe post a self-congratulatory update on Twitter....or start again at the beginning.


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