Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Empire

Jackdaw No. 300
by Adriane Ruggiero
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Byzantine Empire: A Cultural Legacy

Hands-on exhibits illustrate the exotic customs and culture of the Byzantine Empire, the commercial center of the silk and spice trades. The Broadsheets emphasize this era’s preservation of the heritage of Greece and Rome during Europe’s Dark Ages. Display the Timeline of Events and List of Emperors to add historical perspective to class discussion.

Historian: Adriane Ruggiero.

The contents of this Jackdaw feature:


  • The Byzantine Empire: An Historical Overview
  • A Tour of Constantinople, Imperial City
  • The Byzantine Emperor: Chosen of God
  • Great Lives
  • The Art of Byzantine Diplomacy
  • The Spread of Byzantine Civilization

Timeline of Events & List of Emperors Exhibits

  • Trade makes Byzantium rich
  • Coronation of an emperor
  • Correct protocol at the court of the Byzantine emperor
  • Byzantine liturgical poetry — a hymn of thanksgiving
  • Excerpt from the Byzantine liturgy
  • Hagia Sophia — Byzantium’s most important building
  • Monasteries — strongholds of tradition and learning
  • Mosaics and icons — the most famous art forms of the Byzantines
  • Entertainments — baths, banquets, and the races
  • Byzantine science, technology, and medicine
  • Home and family life and the lives of women
  • Greek and Cyrillic Alphabets

Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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