By the Great Horn Spoon!

By the Great Horn Spoon!

by Sid Fleischman
Mass market paperback, 193 pages
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Jack very nearly jumped a foot. "By the Great Horn Spoon!" he yelled. "Look!"

"I see it!"

"Pay dirt!"

And Praiseworthy exclaimed, "Yeller as it can be!"

The gold revealed itself like bits of sunlight trapped in the loosened earth. The two partners flung their hats in the air. In sheer exuberance they clasped arms and swung around and around in the oblong pit.

"We've done it, Jack, we've done it!" Praiseworthy roared.

"We've struck it rich!"

This rollicking adventure tale, set in the Gold Rush days, is "another uncommonly original. . .delectable story, told and illustrated with zest and gusto to the very last page." — The Horn Book

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